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We Honour your Freedom of choice

No locked-in long-term agreement. We provide multi-disciplinary services on a short-term retainer plan. We strive to make staying with us a freedom of choice and an easy choice to make.


We function as your remote team just a phone call or an email away

We have your business covered for peak and off-peak seasons

Our short-term retainer Units plans allow businesses to scale their operations more effectively and economically

Business goes through seasonal cycles and can benefit from flexible workforce arrangement.

Hiring, training and managing new headcounts often interrupt the business flow and may not be productive for a temporary hire. Sometimes a specialised skill set is needed to complement existing workforce arrangements and to fit in quickly without hand-holding.

Our short-term retainer Units plans allow businesses to scale their operations more effectively and economically. Stakeholders can tap into diverse skillsets of over 18 years of professional experience and at better pricing.

With our Units Plans, you decide on the length of the commitment period based on what and when you need.


Our Units plans offer the scalability, flexibility and efficiency that work with businesses of any scale

We offer over 18 years of diverse background experience, skillsets and knowledge at a fraction of the cost

Our transparency allows stakeholders to make more informed decisions and be in better control of their budget planning
Our Units plans are on a short-term renewable basis to allow stakeholders to scale effectively for cyclical demands
Stakeholders can work with a professional and dedicated virtual team to minimise the disruptions in the business flow for in-house placement
Stakeholders have access to a range of multi-disciplinary professional services with digital assets management to achieve brand cohesiveness
We provide a dedicated point of contact to reduce the hassles of briefing and re-briefing your business requirements to multiple contacts


Our short-term retainer Units plans have you covered for rainy and sunny days.

Number of Units for your account monthly. Please inform us at least seven working days in advance if you require more than the allocated Units for a particular month. Please note it is subject to schedule availability.

Maximum 4 unused Units can be rolled over to next month.


  • Priority Turnover
  • Digital Assets Management on Cloud
  • 20 minutes of consultation per month
  • Units can be used on on-demand deliverables


Contact us if you have questions that are not answered here. We are always happy to clear any concerns you have.

FAQ - eCommerce Cloud Solutions - Digital Agency

FAQ on Creative Retainer Units Plans

  • General 100% 100%
1. What can I use the Units for?
You can use the Units for all the on-demand deliverable services listed on our website.
2. How do I use the Units to order the deliverables?
When you purchase a Unit plan, your Units wallet will be topped up with the equivalent amount in dollar value.

When you order a deliverable, there is an option for you to pay from your Unit wallet during checkout. The total amount of your order will be deducted from your Unit wallet accordingly.

You can also contact us and we are happy to assist you with the ordering process.

3. I need more than 50 Units per month, do you have a bigger Units plan?
Yes. You can contact us for a customized package.
4. How can I check the balance of my Units Wallet?
The order history and the Units wallet balance is shown in your Account when you sign in. You will also be notified by email each time you use the Units wallet for any deliverable checkout.
5. I can't find the exact deliverable package I need on your website, is it possible to customise one?
Yes. You can contact us for a customised package.
6. Is there an extra fee for package customisation?
There is no extra fee for customising a deliverable package for you. You only pay for what you need.
7. Can I use more than the allocated Units per month?
Yes. You can inform us at least 7 working days in advance when you need more Units on a particular month. Please note that it is subject to schedule availability.
8. Why do you need to allocate a certain number of Units per month?

The main objective is to preserve the quality of work produced for you and each of our clients. We don’t oversell and under-deliver. Working on a predictable and arranged schedule ensures we can put in our best in every single assignment we handle. This arrangement benefits you.

Whenever you require more Units per month, you can inform us at least seven working days in advance. 

9. Are there a single point of contact handling my account?

Yes. There will be an appointed contact to handle your account.

10. What is the payment term?

Our Units Packages are on a prepayment term and are non-refundable. Once your payment is cleared, we will prepare your account within 1 – 3 working days and ready to begin work.

11. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via PayNow and bank transfer. For international clients, we accept payment via Paypal and major credit/debit cards.


We take the mystery out of creative work and empower businesses to make informed and better decisions

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