Optimize Images for web

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  • Basic Package Units: 1 - 4 Units

Optimize Images for Web Includes:

  • Optimize for Web
  • Convert to .WebP format (Other formats are available upon request, and an extra charge may apply.)

Optimizing images for the web is crucial for enhancing website performance and search engine rankings. Large, unoptimized images slow down your site, leading to poor user experience and higher bounce rates. Fast-loading websites are favored by search engines because they provide a better user experience. Google specifically recommends using the .webp format for its superior compression and quality. Converting JPEG images to .webp significantly reduces file sizes, further improving load times and overall site performance.

Our image optimization service ensures your images are resized, compressed, and properly named to boost both performance and SEO. This helps your website run smoothly and rank higher, driving more traffic and increasing conversions. Let us assist you in making your website faster and more efficient with our expert image optimization services.

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Custom Package Quote

Please note: This Optimize Image for Web package does not include services such as website design and development, uploading to the website, hosting, photography, background removal, animation, advanced image editing, coloring, or printing. The final result depends on the quality of your supplied images, so please ensure they are of reasonably good resolution.

Materials/Information to be provided by you

  1. Images to work with
  2. Size and format to convert to