Migrate Website Service

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  • Basic Package Units: 5 Units

Migrate Website Service Includes:

  • 20GB (upgrade option available)
  • Migrate to a new web host, a new domain or a restructure URL
  • 3 days of monitoring and priority email support after migration (upgrade option available)

Switching to a new hosting provider, redesigning your website, restructuring your URLs, or upgrading to a more robust platform, you will need to do a website migration. Migrating a website can present several challenges, such as potential data loss, downtime, broken links, and changes in search engine rankings.

Our website migration service handles all technical aspects to minimize risks and downtime. We help you navigate the complexities of migration, ensuring your website continues to function smoothly and efficiently. Let us assist you in making your website migration process hassle-free and successful.

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Please note: Website migration service does not include any design and development work, bugs fixing, or troubleshooting of website issues. If necessary, the add-on services will be quoted separately.

Information / Materials to be provided by you

    1. FTP login credentials
    2. Access to Admin Panel