Fully Managed Cloud Web Hosting

We take care of your business web hosting infrastructure on cloud to keep you connected with your customers and team at all time


Cloud hosting solutions that grow with you, providing the resources and support you need to succeed

Fully Managed

We managed behind the scene to ensure your cloud hosting infrastructure is regularly updated, optimized and secured.

Fully Scalable

Your cloud hosting infrastructure is designed to scale to meet your business’s cyclical demand quickly.

Fully Customizable

Your cloud hosting infrastructure can be fully customised to meet your unique business’s requirements.

Isolated & Secure environment

Designed to eliminate the resource conflicts common in shared environment, our hosting plans provide a dedicated IP and an isolated hosting environment for enhanced exclusivity, security and performance.

Simplified Website Management

Our hosting plans come equipped with SSL, load balancer, and CDN features. You do not have to integrate or manage them separately.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We keep an eye on your server around the clock to ensure quick issue resolution and your web server is up and running at all times.

Fully Managed Cloud Web Hosting

With real world experience in designing and building websites applications, you are in good hands


Packed with the essentials and customizable for more

  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • SSD storage
  • Domain Validated SSL
  • sftp & SSH access
  • Isolated & Secure Environment
  • Firewall
  • Infrastructure Management
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Cloud CDN enabled
  • Daily Backup (Archive the 5 most recent days)
  • Regular Security Patch Updates
  • HTTP/2 Enabled
  • Additional bandwidth SGD 0.60/GB
  • Additional disk space SGD 0.60/GB
  • Additional static IP SGD 6/month


Contact us if you have questions that are not answered here. We are always happy to clear any concerns you have.

FAQ - eCommerce Cloud Solutions - Digital Agency

FAQ on Cloud Web Hosting Plans

  • General
1. What is cloud hosting?
Traditional hosting hosts your websites and applications on a physical server, while cloud hosting hosts your websites and applications on the cloud.

The cloud is a network of interconnected servers that are located all over the world. This allows data and applications to be stored and run on multiple servers in different places, which can provide a robust and reliable architecture to host your websites and applications. If one server goes down, the others can keep working seamlessly.

For cloud hosting, the resources are available on-demand and can be scaled up and down quickly tailored to your business needs while traditional hosting does not provide that level of flexibility and efficiency.

2. What’s the difference between cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting?

Shared hosting is a single server environment shared by multiple websites or users. Different hosting providers have different policies on resource allocation, the websites can be competing for the same resources or the resources will be throttled among the users. Shared hosting is the most affordable type of traditional hosting, but it is also the least scalable. Shared hosting is not recommended for mid to high-traffic, mission-critical, resource-intensive, security-sensitive, and e-commerce applications.

VPS hosting is also a single server environment but provides more isolation and dedicated resources than shared hosting. The hosting provider places a hypervisor (virtual layer) on top of the operating system that divides it into separate components. The resources is shared by multiple websites or users in a non competitive manner. Each user and website will have it’s own access to the allocated resources. VPS hosting does provide more security and stability than shared hosting but it is not highly configurable.

Dedicated hosting is a single server environment exclusively for one user or organisation. The user has complete control over server configurations, allowing for extensive customization and privacy control. It is ideal for websites or applications that are mission-critical, security-sensitive, resource intensive and with high traffic.

Cloud hosting can efficiently provide a multi-server environment that allows rapid pooling of resources on demand from all over the world. It provides a level of flexibility and scalability for businesses to build their server infrastructure that traditional hosting is unable to. With Cloud hosting, business is able to adapt to market changes, effectively address fluctuating demands while optimising cost.

3. Is cloud hosting suitable for eCommerce stores?

Yes, cloud hosting is suitable for ecommerce stores. In fact, it is a good choice for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. There are many advantages of building eCommerce applications on the cloud, to name a few:

  • Cloud hosting is highly scalable, which means that businesses can easily add or remove resources as needed. This is important for e-commerce stores, which can experience spikes in traffic during sales or peak periods, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Cloud hosting’s distributed architecture enhances high availability. In the event of server failures or maintenance, traffic can be redirected to alternative servers, minimizing downtime. This is crucial for e-commerce, where any interruption in service can result in lost sales.
  • Cloud hosting enables businesses to store their data and build their applications in locations closer to the target market, ensuring optimal performance and regulatory compliance with data sovereignty requirements.
4. How can I migrate my website to Cloud?

Our cloud hosting plan includes one-time migration, either to a new web host, a new domain, or a new URL structure. We also provide standalone website migration service.

5. Do I need to use any web hosting control panel to set up the web server?
No. Our cloud web hosting plan is a fully-managed service. That means you do not have to spend time learning or touching any web hosting control panel to set up or manage the web server. If you prefer to use a hosting control panel, it can be set up too.
6. Is it a shared hosting environment?
No, this is not a shared hosting environment. Our cloud hosting plans offer a dedicated environment for your website, featuring a more secure architecture and dedicated compute resources that you fully own.
7. How long does it take to set up the web server?

Upon payment confirmation, we will set up the web server within 1 working day. If you have a specific schedule, let us know, and we can arrange it for you.

8. Do you provide domain registration and renewal service?

Yes. We provide domain registration and domain renewal services for our cloud hosting customers.

9. Do you provide DNS hosting and management?

Yes, We provide DNS hosting and management services for our cloud hosting customers.

10. Do you provide email hosting?

We encourage our customers to use Google Workspace for their email solutions. You can sign up via this link to get a free 14 day free trial and contact us for an exclusive Google Workspace discount.

11. Do I have to purchase a SSL certificate?

Our web cloud hosting plan includes a Domain Validated SSL certifiicate. You can choose to use or purchase a different type of SSL certificate as needed.

12. Do you provide FTP/SSH access to the web server?

Yes, our cloud web hosting plan supports sFTP/SSH connection. You can use any SSH client to establish the connection.

13. Do I have to purchase a CDN service?

Every of our cloud web hosting plans has CDN enabled by default. You can choose to disable it if you don’t want one. You can choose to use your own CDN service too.

14. Can I choose my server location?

Yes. We can set up your web server in any of the US, ASIA PACIFIC and Europe regions.

15. Do I have to do my own backups?

We offer a daily backup of your web server and keep an archive of the last 5 days.

16. Can I host more than 1 domain on my web server?
The default cloud web hosting plan supports 1 domain. You can customise the plan to host more than 1 domain. Let us know your requirements for a customise quote.
17. Do you provide 24/7 support?

We provide 24/7 monitoring of your web server. Our support is available from Monday – Friday, 0930hr – 1730hrs (+8 GMT). Off on Sat, Sun and PH.

18. Do you provide website maintenance service?

Yes, we do provide website maintenance service on an ad hoc or package basis.

19. Do you provide website design service?
Yes, we do provide website desisgn service and development service. You can check out our Website Design Packages or contact us for a customised solution.
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