Starter Website Maintenance Package

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  • Basic Package Units: 30 Units
  • For Unit Plans Subscriber, the total Units will be deducted from your Units Wallet after checkout. To purchase or top up your Units package , visit this link.

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Please note: we consider a project done after 10 days of no response from client.

Please note: Website Maintenance service does not include any design, bugs fixing or troubleshooting of existing website issues. It also does not include purchase of plugins and associated licenses fee. If necessary, the add-on services will be advised and billed separately.

Materials to be provided by you

  1. FTP and WP-admin login credentials
  2. Approved text content in appropriate formats. (e.g. word document, editable PDF)
  3. Approved Images in appropriate formats. (e.g. jpeg, gif, png, .psd, .ai)
  4. Approved products specs in appropriate format. (e.g. csv)