Email Migration

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  • Basic Package Units: 6 Units

Migrate to Google Workspace Package Includes:

  • Encrypted Email Migration to Google Workspace
  • Cumulative data capacity, with a base of 50GB per email account.(Upgrade options available)
  • Google Drive Migration
  • Calendar, Events, Bookmarks migration
  • Resolve email deliverability issue
  • Setup and configure Google Workspace
  • Setup New Email Accounts
  • Remove Inactive Email Accounts
  • Validate or fix Domain Verification
  • Set up or fix SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI records
  • Set up or fix DNS, CNAME, MX records
  • Platform-to-platform email migration
  • Account-to-Account email migration

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Please note:The Email Migration package is a basic service that does not include any additional services related to email marketing, such as email design and development, content creation, copywriting, content update, email blasting, email migration, or integration of any email software.

Materials/Information to be provided by you

  1. Access to DNS Control Panel
  2. Access to Domain Control Panel
  3. Access to Email Service Providers Control Panel