Image Optimization and Image SEO

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Image Optimization and Image SEO package Includes:

  • Image Audit for SEO
  • Image Compression for Web
  • Insert logo/watermark (if needed)
  • Integrates Lazy Loading (if needed)
  • Responsive Image Implementation
  • Convert images to .webp format
  • Optimize Metadata
  • Optimize Alt Text
  • Bulk rename images (if needed)

Poorly optimized website images can lead to sluggish load times, resulting in a frustrating user experience and hindering your search engine ranking. Common issues include large file sizes, non-SEO-friendly names, and inappropriate formats. These issues hurt your website’s overall performance and visibility.

Optimizing images brings several key benefits. Smaller files mean faster loading, improving user experience. Using clear SEO-friendly names and the right formats helps search engines better understand and rank your content, making your site more discoverable to potential customers. Ultimately, these improvements lead to increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

We ensure your images are optimally optimized, allowing your website to operate efficiently, providing a better experience for users and enhancing your SEO efforts.

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Please note: This Image Optimization and Image SEO package does not cover services like background removal, website design and development, bug fixing, hosting, photography, animation, advanced image editing, coloring, or printing services. The final result depends heavily on the quality of your supplied images, so please ensure they are of reasonably good resolution.

Materials/Information to be provided by you

  1. Images to work with
  2. Size and format to convert to
  3. Access to Website Admin Panel
  4. FTP/sFTP login credentials