Google Merchant Center

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Google Merchant Center Package Includes:

  • Account setup and configuration
  • Up to 10 product attributes (Upgrade options available)
  • Create & Optimize Product Data Feed
  • Submit and Reconcile Product Data Feed
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Product Data Feed Errors
  • Reconcile Product Categories
  • Optimize Product Attributes
  • Sync Product Data Feed
  • Fix Google Merchant Center Suspension (if any)
  • Fix Google Merchant Center Misrepresentation (if any)


Please note: we consider a project done after 10 days of no response from client.

Please note: The Google Merchant Center package is a basic service that does not include any additional services related to SEO, Website Design & Development, Website Maintenance, Content Creation, Marketing or Ads placement services.

Materials/Information to be provided by you

  1. Access to Google Merchant Center
  2. Access to Website Admin Panel