Image Optimization

Optimizing images improves website loading times, reduces hosting and storage costs, and boosts SEO.

Images make up the majority of a web page’s file size, so optimizing them is essential for improving website loading times, bandwidth usage, storage, and hosting costs. Effective image optimization can also improve the user experience for visitors with slow or unreliable internet connections. Search engines like Google take image optimization into account when ranking websites, so optimized images are more likely to appear in search results and drive more traffic to your website.

Improve your website’s speed and search engine ranking with our image optimization services today. We offer a variety of packages to fit the needs of any business, and we’re happy to work with you to tailor a package that fit your specific requirements.


  • 2 - 7 working days for 1st draft review
  • 2 - 3 working days for revision

The timeline serves as a general guideline only. The actual timeline will vary depending on your final project requirements and will be advised before work begins.

Materials required to start:

  • Your Project Brief
  • Brand Guidelines (If any)
  • Your approved content in appropriate formats (e.g. Text in .docx. Images in .jpeg, .gif, .png)
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Noss - Storewide Sale Promotion Animated Gif Design

Noss - Storewide Sale Promotion - Animated Gif Design

Noss Store - Animated Gifs Storewide Sale Design

Noss Store - Animated Gifs - Storewide Sale Design

Noss Store - Animated Gifs Storewide Sale Design

Noss Store - Chinese New Year - Animated Gifs


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